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The Blackstone Legal Fellowship is a unique and influential community that is changing the world around us. Its mission is simple, yet critical: to bring together the best Christian law students from around the United States, train them in legal theory and practice, equip them with the professional skills and networks to thrive in the legal profession, and inspire them to reimagine their careers as a way of serving God.

The mission

The Process

After a rigorous recruitment and selection process, law students accepted into Blackstone take part in a stimulating summer program of intellectual and professional development divided into three phases:

Phase 1

Students join together for two weeks of classroom training on legal philosophy, constitutional interpretation and jurisprudence, and Christian worldview development, taught by some of the preeminent scholars of our time.

Phase 2

Students then complete prestigious summer internships that are individually tailored to advance their particular career goals, including in government offices, law firms, public interest advocacy groups, and corporations.

Phase 3

Finally, students reconvene for a week of classroom instruction focused on professional development as well as training in legal and cultural engagement.

“Blackstone was literally life-changing for me. I arrived with confusion about my future, exhaustion toward my school experience, and discouragement about my generation and my country. I am leaving with none of these things. Because of the dedicated staff, superb faculty, and strategic organization of the entire schedule, I am leaving Blackstone with a much sharper vision for my future in terms of both my career and my faith. I have been so encouraged and convicted as a law student and a Christian, and given practical ways to better myself in all those areas. Perhaps most importantly, I am leaving Blackstone with renewed hope for the future of my generation and my country.”

Blackstone Fellow, Class of 2020
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Completion & Commissioning

Upon successfully completing the summer program, participating students have the opportunity to be commissioned as Blackstone Fellows. Our staff works with each Fellow to develop a career plan, refine their resume and interviewing skills, and help them identify the best career opportunities in government agencies, law firms, advocacy organizations, and other gateways to success. Most importantly, they join an alumni network of nearly 2,800 Fellows who promote each other professionally, support one another spiritually, gather in community, and join together with ADF and our allies to impact our legal system, safeguard our inalienable rights, and keep the door open for the Gospel.

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