How Do I Apply to Blackstone?

Consistent with the mission of the Blackstone Legal Fellowship – see What is Blackstone and Who Should Apply – interns are selected based on their past accomplishments as well as their future potential. Because of the substantial investment ADF makes in each intern both during the summer program and throughout their careers, we employ a rigorous application and selection process.

The Blackstone Selection Committee seeks applicants who demonstrate both strong character and a desire and an ability to pursue positions of leadership in diverse corners of the legal system. Specifically, applicants are evaluated based on their combination of: (1) academic performance; (2) existing and emerging leadership skills; (3) commitment to legal and cultural engagement; and (4) maturity of faith and character.

All application materials are submitted through the Blackstone application portal. Within the portal, you can save your work as you go, and do not need to have all of your materials ready at once. That said, we encourage applicants to complete the first step of the process as soon as possible, as it initiates a call from an ADF staff member to talk with you about summer internships, and to answer any questions you may have. Finally, applications are not evaluated on a rolling basis, so there is no advantage to submitting them far in advance of the deadline.

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The requirements

1.   An application form, completed within the application portal
2.   A current resume
3.   Academic transcripts
4.   Five essays responding to specific questions
5.   Three letters of recommendation

Applicants are advised to begin your application well in advance of the deadline. Further details on these elements can be found below, and full descriptions will be found after logging into the application portal itself.

Academic Transcripts – Applicants are expected to submit transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate studies they have completed. Because law school grades for the current fall semester may not be posted before the January application deadline, we will notify you of how to submit your unofficial transcripts once your grades are released.

Essays – The essay questions are intentionally designed to illustrate for the Selection Committee your character, faith commitment, professional aspirations, and reasons for wanting to be a part of the Blackstone Legal Fellowship. These essays are an essential component of the selection process, and applicants are strongly encouraged to give careful consideration to their preparation. However, in recognition of the priority students need to put on their fall semester classes, we strongly encourage you to write these essays after your fall courses are complete.

Letters of Recommendation – Applicants must also submit three formal letters of recommendation. The Selection Committee also welcomes additional, informal recommendations from Blackstone Fellows or others within the broader ADF network.

Ready to start your application?